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A letter from Bounders


Good Gentlehobbits and Friends of the Shire, the Bounders are calling for your aid!

The Shire has long been a happy, quiet land, with little need to know of or care about movements in the great lands beyond.   However, in the last years, threats have been increasing at our borders.  Strange persons and creatures can be seen prowling in ever greater numbers, with the once exotic glimpse of a travelling elf or dwarf growing more common by the day.

Were but wandering elves and dwarves our greatest threat, we would have little need for this call to service, but there are other shadowy things lurking and prowling. The need for Bounders has never been so great, and the need for those Bounders to be well-armed and well-trained is ever greater.

With this in mind, we call upon all Free Persons t...

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