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The Bounders Bounty Developer Diary



The Bounder’s Bounty Developer Diary
By Aubergine

Well, hello there! Aubergine here, and as the good hobbits have had me quite busy in helping them set up their fundraising campaign, thought I’d take the time to share some of the details with you.
The Bounder’s Bounty will run until the release of Helm’s Deep.  Unlike a more traditional festival, you participate by simply by logging in and playing LOTRO just as you normally do. You’ll just need to include some occasional trips to Michel Delving.

As you are out questing and defeating mobs, you will find that Bags of Bounder’s Tokens will drop periodically.  You can also obtain Bags of Bounder’s Tokens from festival quests, Hobbit Presents and Locked Loot Boxes.
When you first open a Bag of Bounder’s Tokens, you will be dire...

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