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Update 10 – Monety Mythril i QA

The release of Update 10 will introduce a new in-game currency called Mithril Coins. They can be purchased in the LOTRO store with Turbine Points and can be used for a variety of services including Stablemasters, Fast Travel to NPCs in quests, Reviving, Mannequins, and Daily Quest resets.

What does this mean for me?
Mithril Coins will replace some existing items, such as Revive Tomes and Stablemaster’s Writs.  Our goal is to provide a simple, consistent interface for the services you already use.  Ultimately it should be faster and easier for you to reset a quest, travel or quickly revive.

Why add Mithril Coins now?
We are always looking at ways to improve the game experience.
This streamlines many services and lets you get back into the fun without interrupting the game experience.


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