5 lat Lotro!

W zależności od tego kiedy założyliście konto i jaki macie jego status dostaniecie takie bajery:

All Players

During the Anniversary Festival, all active players will be eligible to receive new, unique fireworks. You can carry these fireworks with you as a memento of this milestone celebration. All eligible players will also receive a special anniversary cloak.

Premium and VIP Players

Our Premium and VIP players will also be eligible to receive additional gifts for each year their account has been active. The older your account, the more gifts you will be granted! Each eligible player will receive the gifts for their highest year and all subsequent years.

Not a Premium or VIP player? Upgrade before April 15th to receive more anniversary gifts!

1 Year
Accounts created on April 30th, 2011 or earlier
A Welcome Ally.

You will receive:
 A 1-year character portrait frame
 An Anniversary Cloak

2 Years
Accounts created on April 30th, 2010 or earlier
A Seasoned Player.
You will receive:
 A 2-year character portrait frame
 3 +10% Run Speed Boost (60 min)
 1 +5% Attack Damage (90 min)
 10 Battle Potion of Restoration
 An Anniversary Cloak
3 Years
Accounts created on April 30th, 2009 or earlier
A Stalwart Adventurer.
You will receive:
 A 3-year character portrait frame
 3 Loot box keys
 An Anniversary Cloak
4 Years
Accounts created on April 30th, 2008 or earlier
Amongst the first to brave the depths of Moria.
You will receive:
 A 4-year character portrait frame
 New Azure Festival Clothing
 An Anniversary Cloak
5 Years
Accounts created on June 30th, 2007 or earlier
The first to answer the call to arms, you have roots in LOTRO that run as deep as the mallorn trees of Lothlórien.
You will receive:
 A 5- year character portrait frame
 Festive Azure Steed
 New Azure Festival Clothing to match your steed
 An Anniversary Cloak
New Quests and Deeds

All the best parties have fireworks and this anniversary is no exception! Travel across the Shire and Bree-land on all-new fireworks quests and deeds. Plus- A new gift giving quest and invitation hunt start you on your path to earning new festival gear.

Earn a New Festival Steed!

Try your luck at the Horse Races in the Shire and Bree-land and win a new Anniversary Steed! Racers who successfully navigate the course will enjoy speed boosts to help them along the way. But be careful! The track is outfitted with obstructions, hurdles, barriers…even mud!

Cloak of the Fifth Spring

Don’t miss out on this year’s special anniversary cloak! Complete the in-game festival quest to claim your own Cloak of the Fifth Spring – only available during this year’s anniversary festival!

Double XP Weekend

From April 24th to April 30th, enjoy a 100% bonus on all monster kills across Middle-earth! It’s the perfect time to start that new character or take your favorite class to new adventures.

Better Beer Battles

No celebration would be complete without raising a glass or two. The Battle for Glorious Beer returns with several new ways to earn festival tokens as you race and brawl with your friends to put your hands on that golden refreshment.

Party with the Monsters of Middle-earth

A multitude of monsters will also be joining the festivities and will drop barter tokens when you defeat them. Players of all levels can exchange these tokens for a range of gift boxes brimming with party favors!

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Pochwalę się długim stażem : Creation Date: 17/04/07 (pasy z przed migracji)

Wypowiedź Sapience:

The gifts as listed are for Premium and VIP players. So if you are currently not a Premium or a VIP player you will only have access to the Anniversary event and will receive whatever you acquire that way.

If you aren’t already a premium or VIP player and you want the additional items, you can simply make a Turbine point purchase (this will upgrade you to Premium) or subscribe (will make you VIP) before Sunday. You’ll then qualify for all the items your account it eligible for based on your account start date.

Oh, and don’t worry if you transferred over last summer, your start date in our billing records reflects your original start date in the EU. We’ve got you covered.

Each eligible player will receive the gifts for their highest year and all subsequent years.

The gifts will be granted to your account at the beginning of our anniversary celebration in-game on April 17th, 2012. These will be based on the status of your account* as of 11:59PM DST on April