2 i 3 lipca Forochel(2) i Great River(3) questpack za 50% ceny !

Quest Pack Forochel Tylko 2 Lipca !!!
Over 100 quests for levels 39-52
Explore this hostile expanse of snow and ice north of Evendim, at the uttermost edge of civilized Middle-earth. Forochel is a brutal and merciless land, hostile to Free Folk and the Enemy alike. The land is home to the mysterious and reclusive Snow-men called the Lossoth, and spelled doom for the last king of Arthedain. Will you survive what he could not?

Quest Pack: Great River Tylko 3 Lipca !!!

Over 170 quests, a new 6-man instance, and a new group and fellowship questing area for levels 72+!
Travel to the beautiful and dangerous region of the Great River where foes gather on all sides, prepared to begin an assault on Rohan. Hold the line against Easterlings, dangerous brigands and ancient enemies of Rohan, as well as allies of Isengard and Barad Dur.