The Bounders Bounty Developer Diary



The Bounder’s Bounty Developer Diary
By Aubergine

Well, hello there! Aubergine here, and as the good hobbits have had me quite busy in helping them set up their fundraising campaign, thought I’d take the time to share some of the details with you.
The Bounder’s Bounty will run until the release of Helm’s Deep.  Unlike a more traditional festival, you participate by simply by logging in and playing LOTRO just as you normally do. You’ll just need to include some occasional trips to Michel Delving.

As you are out questing and defeating mobs, you will find that Bags of Bounder’s Tokens will drop periodically.  You can also obtain Bags of Bounder’s Tokens from festival quests, Hobbit Presents and Locked Loot Boxes.
When you first open a Bag of Bounder’s Tokens, you will be dire...

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A letter from Bounders


Good Gentlehobbits and Friends of the Shire, the Bounders are calling for your aid!

The Shire has long been a happy, quiet land, with little need to know of or care about movements in the great lands beyond.   However, in the last years, threats have been increasing at our borders.  Strange persons and creatures can be seen prowling in ever greater numbers, with the once exotic glimpse of a travelling elf or dwarf growing more common by the day.

Were but wandering elves and dwarves our greatest threat, we would have little need for this call to service, but there are other shadowy things lurking and prowling. The need for Bounders has never been so great, and the need for those Bounders to be well-armed and well-trained is ever greater.

With this in mind, we call upon all Free Persons t...

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Update 11: Trechery of the White Hand

Now Available!

The epic story continues as you are called to the remote region of Wildermore! This Eastern Rohan area has been hard hit by an unnatural and deadly winter. A Stone Giant named Núrzum, under the control of Saruman, is rumored as the source of this icy tragedy. Throughout Wildermore, villages have suffered ravage and townsfolk have become refugees. Follow in the chilly footsteps of evil as you attempt to restore this once thriving region.

Embark through Five new areas


All word from Wildermore has ceased and rumors point to the worst. You must find and aid the town of Scylfig, which suffers from a strangely deepening winter and an Uruk-hai threat.

Geography: Named for the short, twisted trees that grow there, this land’...

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Tematy inspirowane Tolkienem

Moda, Online Poker, i inne Media zainspirowane przez J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings

Jak franczyza Lord of the Rings zainspirowała inne media

Sukces “The Lord of the Rings” za skutkował wielo milionowym biznesem na całym świecie. Nic dziwnego skoro zarówqno książki jak i filmy przedstawiały piękny ale zarazem enigmatyczny świat. Poniżej są 3 główne gałęzie które zostały zainspirowane przez franczyzę Lord of the Rings:

“W dziurze w ziemi żył Hobbit. Nie obskurnej, brudnej, czy mokrej dziurze, wypełnionej robakami czy brzydkim zapachem, lecz nie byłą też sucha, goła, piaszczysta z brakiem miejsca do siedzenia czy czymś do jedzenia: To byłą Hobbicia dziura a to oznacza komfort.” Te linie z Lord of the Rings autorstwa J.R.R. Tolkien stwo...

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Wiosenny festiwal

Śnieg już topnieje, wszystko odżywa, czas więc zacząć Wiosenny Festiwal.

Wszystko rozpocznie się to 3 lipca.

To ciekawy okres dla zakochanych, podczas tego festiwali wokół bree będzie można

zdobywać rzadkie rodzaje kwiatów i innych nagród, nie przegap tej okazji.


Spróbuj swoich sił w labiryncie. Do wygrania ciekawe nagrody.

Wyścigi konne

A może potrzebujesz dawki adrenaliny? Wez udział w wspaniałych wyścigach konnych.

Konkursy w piciu Piwa

Może lubisz napić się porządnego trunku. Wez idział w zawodach picia piwa!

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Mounted Combat 2.0: A Tale of Problems & Solutions

A few months back, a small group of us started to meet and discuss what we would like to build for Mounted Combat 2.0. We started by looking at your feedback from the first implementation of the feature that went live with Riders of Rohan. By far, the biggest complaint was that people were having trouble with the War-Steed movement. A common sentiment was that movement was “clunky to start” but improved after spending points to trait your turn rate and Agility. Players felt handcuffed, expressing the sentiment that they had to spend points in their Yellow Movement line in order for their steed to be playable. Aside from movement, there were complaints that the classes just didn’t feel the same when they were mounted up compared to when they were on foot and there was some loss of identity...

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Never Winter Online – Darmowe MMO, i wolne klucze Bety

Słyszeliście o grze Never Winter Online? To nowe MMO w fazie Beta. No i właśnie w tej sprawie piszę. Są jeszcze wolne klucze do bety, ale jest ich tylko około 1000 sztuk
Jeśli chcecie zagrać za darmo (gra będzie darmowa z mikropłatnościami) to wbijcie tutaj:!-dzialajace!/

Tam jest info skąd ściągnąć klucze i jak je aktywować na swoim koncie.

Grać możecie jeszcze dziś!

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List od producenta Kate Paiz

Hello all!

January has been an exciting month for us on the dev team!  We’ve wrapped up our plans for 2013, and I’m very pleased to announce some new big initiatives for LOTRO you can expect in the coming year:

Player’s Council   – We are doubling down this year on the conversation between Turbine and you, our players.  We are going to start a Player’s Council, a group of players who participate in more regular & structured feedback sessions with the dev group.  We want to make sure that as we grow and extend this game, that we are incorporating your likes and dislikes about what we are into what we release. The Community Team will be releasing more information about how we’re going to construct and run the Player’s Council in the coming weeks.

Western Rohan – I am at th...

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Update 10 – Monety Mythril i QA

The release of Update 10 will introduce a new in-game currency called Mithril Coins. They can be purchased in the LOTRO store with Turbine Points and can be used for a variety of services including Stablemasters, Fast Travel to NPCs in quests, Reviving, Mannequins, and Daily Quest resets.

What does this mean for me?
Mithril Coins will replace some existing items, such as Revive Tomes and Stablemaster’s Writs.  Our goal is to provide a simple, consistent interface for the services you already use.  Ultimately it should be faster and easier for you to reset a quest, travel or quickly revive.

Why add Mithril Coins now?
We are always looking at ways to improve the game experience.
This streamlines many services and lets you get back into the fun without interrupting the game experience.


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Gwiazdkowa wyprzedaż !
Mithril Ed. za połowę ceny !

Riders of Rohan Base Edition $19.99

1,000 Turbine Points
The Steed of the Eastemnet (Travel Mount)
Title: Friend of the Mark

Riders of Rohan Heroic Edition $24.99

ROR_EN1,000 Turbine Points
The Steed of the Eastemnet (Travel Mount)
Hauberk of the Eastemnet (cosmetic chest piece)
Title: Friend of the Mark
Evendim, Moria, and Lothlórien Quest Packs

Riders of Rohan Legendary Edition $34.99

2,000 Turbine Points
The Steed of the Eastemnet & matching War-steed appearance
Armour of the Eastemnet (full cosmetic set)
Title: Friend of the Mark
6th Inventory Bag
Crystal of Remembrance
Exclusive Rohan Content

Triple Pack $19.99

The p...

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